french bulldog puppies

The pathway to adoption from Frenchies Online may be more in-depth than what many are traditionally used to.  As breeders, we become extremely attached to our pups and we will go to great lengths to make sure they end up in the care of a loving family.  The French Bulldog breed has become incredibly popular and we’ve come to accept it is very unlikely that we can keep up with the demand for them. However, we believe strongly in our breeding process and we want to produce as many ethically bred Frenchies as we can in an effort to reduce the temptation for anyone to support unethical Frenchie breeders. Here is what our pathway to adoption looks like:

  • Waitlist – You will be required to fill out our waitlist form available here, this will collect basic information and inform us of your interest in adoption. You will be placed in order on our list for contact once breeding takes place. We are unclear at this time on how many successful candidates we will discover but anticipate a backlog until November 2021. Some people on our list may find pups elsewhere, so it is possible our list will shrink considerably by the time a breeding occurs.
  • Notification – You will be notified when successful insemination takes place and asked to re-affirm your interest in adoption.
  • Interview – You will be contacted by phone to discuss the details of the adoption. We will want to know the reasons you want to adopt a French Bulldog, your experience level, and verify that the breed is a good fit for you and your family. We may also ask for references.
  • Deposit –  We will request a deposit to reserve a pick from our litter. This will be negotiated based on the availability and expectations of the litter. We will accept conditional deposits based on mutually agreed on terms.
  • Birth – We will evaluate any agreements made and return the deposits for any pup we are unable to provide. A birth occurs 64 days after insemination.
  • Pick –  No later than 4 weeks, we will request litter choices be confirmed and that pup will be reserved for that home. The prices will be established at this time base on color and appearance, you can discuss these expectations in advance also.
  • Health Check –  We will have all pups health-checked and necessary vaccinations/de-worming will be completed.  Should any health concerns be detected, we would re-evaluate our agreements.
  • Adoption –  At a minimum of 8 weeks of age, you will come to pick up your new family member. You will be required to sign an adoption contract, a CKC nonbreeding contract, and sign the CKC registration papers, the remaining balance from the deposit will be required at this time.
  • Post Health Check – You will be required to have your local vet examine your pup to confirm the health status within 48 hours of adoption.


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