Opportunities for low-cost adoption sometimes present themselves and we are always looking to discover good families that would be a good fit in these situations. Some of our female Dams are co-homed in a breeding agreement.  This is only available to local residents which can grant unrestricted access to allow for successful breeding.  During the interview process, more details can be provided but the basics of the agreement will state:

  • The breeder purchases or retains a Dam from a litter, which is owned by the breeder until she is released from the breeding program.
  • The adopter is responsible for all non-breeding related costs.
  • The adopter will provide regular access to the Dam for socialization and the Dam will live with the breeder during the critical care period prior to and after delivery.
  • Some additional costs may be required by the adopter such as mandatory pet insurance.
  • You must live within reasonable proximity to the breeder.

We may also occasionally discover situations in our program and elsewhere in which an owner is no longer able to care for an animal. Sometimes they may not get along with other animals in the home, or a dog’s needs in our breeding program change and may better thrive in another good home. If you would like to be notified of these opportunities, please indicate below.


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